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In DEATH TAXI 3000 you must master the drift through the corners of a procedurally generated city to deliver passengers from point A to point B, all while avoiding traffic and learning shortcuts to save time.

This new retro arcade racer is inspired by classics from the 1990s and the whole Synthwave aesthetic.

Death Taxi 3000 uses a custom raycaster graphics engine, a technology seldom used by racing games of the past, and at its core is completely compatible with vintage MS-DOS hardware.

This SHAREWARE edition is made available specially for original MS-DOS or Windows 95/98 computers and is probably the only recent indie game for the platform being mastered and distributed in CD-ROM format, featuring a digital audio soundtrack of era-appropriate tunes, including two tracks by guest musician Noelle "Speedy" Aman.

It will also run on the DOSBox emulator. (Make sure to use core=dynamic)

In this release, the Arcade Mode of the game is free to try. As per Shareware philosophy, you are encouraged to pass it on to friends and include it in collections.

Being Shareware also means there's a full game! I don't take tips on Itch.io, but if you want to support this project, then please consider purchasing the full version, either:

The full version unlocks the Career Mode. You can learn more on the "Read This!" menu.

TL;DR requirements: Pentium 166, VGA, 16MB RAM. Supports Adlib and mouse.

Release date Jun 11, 2020
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreRacing, Simulation
Tagsaesthetic, Arcade, Casual, DOS, Driving, Procedural Generation, raycaster, Retro, Synthwave
Average sessionA few minutes
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dt3k-shareware-cd.zip 240 MB

Install instructions

To run on DOS/Windows 9x hardware:
burn dt3k.cue to a blank CD-R with any CD burner tool.

To run on DOSBox: use the command
imgmount d dt3k.cue -t cdrom

Starting the game from the CD-ROM:

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