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Death Taxi 3000 is a multiplatform retro racer inspired by the likes of Quarantine and Crazy Taxi.

Built to the specifications of late-era DOS games from the mid 1990s, it features pseudo-3D graphics done by a custom raycaster engine, displayed in a carefully crafted 256-color palette, plus a digital CD-audio soundtrack and sound effects achieved through realtime FM synthesis.

This shareware edition is made available specially for original MS-DOS or Windows 95/98 computers, but will also run on the DOSBox emulator. (Make sure to use core=dynamic)

Looking for the full version with modern Windows and Linux support? This will be out soon, like real soon. Please follow me on Twitter @coconutxpizza for updates!


  • Pentium-class machine with x87 floating point support
  • 8MB free RAM minimum, 16MB recommended
  • VGA 320x200x256 graphics, SVGA supported
  • Adlib or PC speaker sound effects
  • CD-ROM digital audio
Updated 2 hours ago
Release date Oct 24, 2019
GenreRacing, Simulation
Tagsaesthetic, Arcade, DOS, Driving, First-Person, Procedural Generation, raycaster, Retro, Synthwave
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSteam, Homepage

Install instructions

There are two folders, one for binaries and one for data. Unzip them together, then go on the binaries folder (win32/x64/dos) and run the executable.

Please refer to the official website for a complete FAQ


taxi12-shareware-floppy.zip 675 kB
taxi11-shareware-cdrom.zip 240 MB

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Whoa.  This looks ace.  Looks like Quarantine.  Definitely playing.


Very impressive work with the engine and the game was fun to play too once you start to find the customers. Granted, it's still just the demo and there were some technical problems (crashes, etc.), but it seems very promising for the final release.

I'd like to invite your game to this year's Game Development World Championship!